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Ray Bradbury
The Playground

Begin reading Bradbury's account of this playground, the one where a Mr. Charles Underhill has now discovered, and nightmares in your past may begin to well-up and bite you, as they have Mr. Underhill. Incidents long forgotten may spring into your present moment and, painted with an understanding you did not possess before, create a flurry of emotions and methods you could have used on the playground quite effectively and differently than history has it written.

But it is now Mr. Underhill's fear.

And what he will do is possibly make a pact with what could well pass for the devil. Does he even suspect?

Bradbury brings to the forefront the promise and reality of his powers to write such unforgettable stories as this.The playground Bradbury writes about is indeed a trap extraordinaire. And to think: all Mr. Underhill really ever wanted was the best for his son.

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