Ray Bradbury
Here There Be Tigers

Ray Bradbury, at about 30 years of age, penned something very remarkable in “Here There Be Tygers.” Beneath the surface story of rockets, and spacemen, and a world of amazing beauty, there lies the tiniest notion, the smallest blink, of heaven and hell! Is it by the author unconsciously unfolding his story that there brings to light those eternal truths of God written on hearts? By this short story it appears we have an early insight into Bradbury's greatness.

Above the surface, the story has a simple message: Treat with respect another world in another star system where it is all green lawns and the weather is as if it is the best day in all of history. All this, and most especially… if you were able to just put out your arms and… fly!

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“You have to beat a planet at its own game,” said Chatterton. “Get in, rip it up, poison its animals, dam its rivers, sow its fields, depollinate its air, mine it, nail it down, hack away at it, and get the hell out from under when you have what you want. Otherwise, a planet will fix you good. You can't trust planets. They're bound to be different, bound to be bad, bound to be out to get you, especially this far off, a billion miles from nowhere, so you get them first. Tear their skin off, I say. Drag out the minerals and run away before the damn world explodes in your face. That's the way to treat them.”

The rocket ship sank down towards planet 7 of star system 84. They had travelled millions upon millions of miles. Earth was far away, her system and her sun forgotten, her system settled and investigated and profited on, and other systems rummaged through and milked and tidied up, and now the rockets of these tiny men from an impossibly remote planet were probing out to far universes. In a few months, a few years, they could travel anywhere, for the speed of their rocket was the speed of a god, and now for the ten thousandth time one of the rockets of the far-circling hunt was feathering down towards an alien world…“

You can find this story in “R Is for Rocket”.

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