Ray Bradbury
R is for Rocket

“R is for Rocket”, a short story by Ray Bradbury, was first published in 1943. Note that Mr. Bradbury probably wrote this short story when he was about 22 years of age. Later, at 42, we find the same story, but it is now the title of a book of short stories, as well.

A reading today may find some dated descriptions of everyday objects and scenery. But the prose of adventure and those things that are found in the heart, resonate as timeless storytelling. Bradbury's tale of a young boy yearning to reach the stars, going beyond mere dreaming, and living that which he has waited for so long, permits us to visually see the procress. Hence, what you find here, is the mind of Ray Bradbury as a young man. But has each story he has penned strike his spirit further form the graves and gravities of Earth?

Let me quote a sentence Bradbury wrote in the introduction: “The stars are yours, if you have the head, the hands, and the heart for them.”

Reading this story invited one into the early world of Mr. Bradbury, and oh, such a fine world it is!

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R is for Rocket