Ray Bradbury
I Sing the Body Electric!

Ray often seems to write with invisible prose, describing the invisible… and with a deft combination of vowels and consonants, the physical objects as well that he wishes for us to also see. Consider, “I Sing the Body Electric,” where we see among those other things, the true heart of the poet. We find more than we expect, until we are carried away to enchanted lands of the mind that show us that love of the author, Ray Bradbury. But here as well, the extraordinary love of an “electric grandmother”, about whom this story is about.


Bradbury is frequently thought of as a “technophobe”, someone afraid of modern invention and technologies. He uncovers the embroidery of human kind dying in a nuclear disaster; the madness from the captivating whirlpool of too much information; or a fainting before the great power of technological progress.

Yet here, Bradbury faces the good things that ultra-modern technologies can bring… the love and kindness from one grandmotherly machine. A truly unique story where Bradbury puts forth ideas of how we should handle the new technical marvels… and, at the same time, each other.

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