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10 March 2006
Great site and excellent resource you have. I think it's very cool.

Robert M. Blevins
23 July 2005
Amazing site. I think I would like to establish a link to you from Adventure Books. We are sci-fi writers Robert M. Blevins and Gayla J. Prociv.
Keep up the great work!

Mari Beagrie
27 May 2005
Good to see that Russians still have a love of Bradbury.

I was lucky enough to visit Moscow and Leningrad as a student in the early 80s, and I remember how keen Russian students were on Bradbury's books.

Great site!


Michael Cloyd
9 December 2004
With having had the opportunity to meet Ray some 37 years ago and continue to read his works as they come out, it is only right that others in the World be exposed to such a wonderful writer and person.

I only wish that I knew other languages, but alas I must stick to English.

Keep up the good work.

Phil Nichols
23 August 2004
Very attractive site. Good to see a multi-national effort to spread the word about Ray's books; and good to see links for buying the books, too!

Best wishes

- Phil

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